Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Life Is Beautiful

So as you can guess, the title of my blog is "Life Is Beautiful" and thats where I would like to begin my first post.

I am a proponent of the fact that Life is Indeed beautiful and adding my footer to it, I complete it by saying "Life is Beautiful, the uncertainity makes it". If everything was so certain in life with we knowing whats going to happen when we are in 10s, 20s,and 50s and so on, life will be so monotonous.
Hence, I redefine the term "beauty" itself to be nothing but uncertainity.

And I see beauty in it. Having exemplified that statement to quite an extent, I think I should call it a stop :)

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Karthik said...

Welcome to the "beautiful" world of blogs :)

Goley said...

yup.. Welcome :D